Software Evaluation

Evaluating and selecting software solutions is not a simple process. While selection of an optimal solution is dependent on thorough research and analysis, such efforts are often undermined by factors such as lack of time, expertise limitations, and individual or organizational biases. Credere’s Software Evaluation services provide you with a thorough and objective approach to selecting new software systems. Using an impartial approach, our consultants guide you through the entire evaluation and selection process — from RFP generation to final selection. The goal of this service is to help you select the best and most cost-effective storage solutions to meet your specific needs.


Implementing a new system starts with the selection process. Then the true work begins when the actual implementation starts. Credere’s implementation staff maintains an active role with our customers, and guides the project along in a timely and cost effective manner.  What are the required steps when undergoing an implementation? Below is a high level list of a sample implementation.

  • Define Project Charter
  • Review Current Processes
  • Create Work Flow Diagrams
  • Define Reports
  • Define Modifications And Data
  • Develop Test Plans
  • Implement Software
  • Create Reports
  • Perform Testing
  • Document New Policies and Procedures
  • Deliver Training
  • Facilitate Final Sign Off
  • Perform Post Implementation Review

Course Development

Credere has been developing high quality, highly effective training courses for more than 15 years. Our Training Consultants, Designers, and Developers are especially skilled at helping our clients benefit from best practices and lessons learned from throughout industry while maintaining our focus on their unique needs. Whether our clients need hands-on skills training, a qualification program, classroom training, self-study, or E-learning, we’ve got the experience to develop the training program that’s exactly right for each client.


Knowledge, productivity, and competence – these are all the results of training. That’s why every technology investment requires an investment in people. Credere’s training services offer flexible approaches, quality instructors, comprehensive materials, and superior consulting and customization options. Whether you’re installing a new system, implementing an upgrade, or introducing new processes, Credere is here to help our clients achieve maximum ROI by advancing the knowledge and skills of their staff.


Credere’s testing services address the canvas of a client’s testing needs; from test planning, strategy to management. Many times testing occurs during a software implementation or upgrade. Credere’s testing services can be packaged with implementation services or used individually to enhance a client’s current staffing.