Interim Executives

A part-time or interim senior executive may be right for a company in the following situations:

  • As an alternative to hiring a full-time person to get the needed expert assistance while maintaining flexibility in their cost structure;
  • If a company has not yet grown to a size sufficient to justify a full-time person for a specific functional role. For example, they may need the expertise of a chief financial officer, a director of marketing, or a senior project manager – but only for several hours per week;
  • When the availability of talent prevents them from hiring the caliber of person required to meet their growth needs.

Sources of capital (lenders, investors, grant issuers, licensees, acquirers) make their decisions based largely on the strength of the senior executives. Our focus, therefore, is on assisting you with managing the complexity of raising outside capital while making you as efficient, flexible and effective as possible. Our interim executives have had years of experience in senior-level management positions and are experts in their functional areas and in growing companies.

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation can include responsibilities normally met by in-house personnel , such as line level right through to total responsibility for the manager or director role. The solution can be permanent, or on a temporary basis.

While we work with you to identify the scope and extent of services required, there are a number of fundamental service areas that provide a framework for our involvement as outsourced providers. These include:

  • Oversight of systems and operations to ensure integrity, completeness and relevance of data
  • Involvement in establishment and preparation of regular management reporting, including financial and non-financial performance measures
  • Sales and Marketing assistance
  • Software implementations and technical analysis

We will work with your in-house staff as appropriate to ensure that all work is done in a cost effective way.

Board of Directors

Credere provides interim management for companies seeking financing in need of strategic leadership or tactical expertise. Our Advisors bring expertise in the areas of technology development, product marketing, sales, business development, marketing, operations, human resources, legal and finance. Our Advisors can provide support for short-term roles, as well as longer term assignments.