Marketing Plans

A marketing plan is absolutely essential. A good marketing plan will set the stage for success. A GREAT marketing plan is a “living” set of documents and tools that are automatically updated in real time to tell how the market is changing, where the client is, where they’ve been and where they’re going. The Credere marketing and sales plan integrates seamlessly with lead tracking systems for forecasting; sales and accounting systems for monitoring sales performance; and marketing data bases to track competition and the effectiveness of Internet initiatives, advertising, direct mail and other marketing campaigns.

Web Design

The Web has opened up tremendous opportunities, endless possibilities, and drastically changed the way business is conducted. It lies beyond any boundaries, unites people worldwide and considerably increases chances of boosting business by online and offline companies. A company’s web site is their corporate identity on the Internet; the impression it conveys holds the visitor’s attention and makes them come back again and again. Credere creates visually pleasing custom web sites that serve as a successful advertising tool.

Sales Kits

All too often, organizations market on an ad-hoc basis – using outdated materials, letting months and years go by without updating their sales kits, and failing to measure the effectiveness of each marketing collateral piece. Such an approach is almost always ineffective and costly. Credere offers professional sales collateral and kits, allowing the sales teams to have a professional, effective marketing support.

New Product Launch

The faster new products get to market, the faster revenue is recognized. For a successful product launch, the sales force, service team and channel partners have to be ready to sell, service and support products from the start. From pre-launch training to national rollout events to post-launch results measurement, Credere’s New Product Launch program helps ensure a positive impact on the marketplace, and on the bottom line.

Competitive Analysis

To capitalize on a product’s strengths and improve its weak areas, one needs a comprehensive analysis of its functionality, usability, performance, and quality, compared to the competition. Credere compares a clients’ product to one or multiple competing products to determine how the product will stack up in the market place. Obtaining this information allows the client to make solid business decisions in constructing an intelligent strategy for their business.

Sales Team Design

Whether field sales, telesales or customer service is the primary concern, cultivating an effective and superior sales team is the objective. Building a superior sales organization can be a time consuming, expensive, and frustrating experience. Credere can assist in building a superior sales team in a shorter amount of time by clearly identifying the profile, key characteristics, experience, skills and expertise needed to represent the company. We then can assist in recruiting and qualifying these capable individuals and inspiring them to become strong and productive members of the sales team.