Program Management

Business success is not measured by the ability to conceive of a great idea, but rather by the ability to accurately design the right program and put it into action. Program management plays a key role in ensuring that all initiatives meet operational, budget, and time-related goals. In today’s complex business landscape, effective program management can control cross-dependencies and mitigate unforseen obstacles across multiple strategic business and operational objectives.

We drive business transformation by providing proven program management services that include improving processes, establishing\optimizing governance standards and implementing new technologies. We’ve delivered some of the highest profile and most effective programs to many of the largest companies in the world. These companies count on us to consistently turn ideas into well-executed programs through leadership, innovation, flexibility and focus.

Project Management

The Project Management Services team gathers the best project management practices, then develops seminars and consulting services to implement these practices through top quality training, mentoring and coaching. Credere helps clients set up and manage their project environments, develop capable project managers, and identify and mitigate project risk.


The financial and organizational condition of any company can change dramatically in just a short time — in any industry and in any economic climate. If a business is under performing or facing financial loss, our Reorganization Services can help, from the earliest stages of financial and organizational distress to changes due to mergers and acquisitions. We can quickly assess the situation and take steps to reach the best possible outcomes.

Change Management

The Change Management services focus on providing practical solutions to challenges in management and organizational change. We help organizations assess their current landscape, envision their futures, and develop pathways to meet their goals.

Financial Management

Financial management capacity is a cornerstone of organizational excellence. Without it, operational inefficiencies emerge, stakeholder confidence wanes, and organizational sustainability is jeopardized. Credere’s Financial Management services support financial and program managers, board members, CEOs and CFOs to be fiscally responsible, understand and improve financial capacity, and realize new financial efficiencies. The difference in financial management services can be seen in our participatory training programs and technical assistance, which deliver the tools needed to connect programmatic priorities with leading edge financial management practices.

Business Analysis

Credere has built a framework for our business analysis services that ensures a high quality output. This includes business cases with full financial and risk analysis; process improvement through business re-engineering methodology and an emphasis on establishing and tracking business value at the beginning and throughout the life of a project.