Executive Coaching

Regardless of the business challenges presented, our powerful engagement technologies help provide executives with the tools and resources to successfully architect strategic change during their most challenging times. This may include pre- and post-mergers and acquisitions, re-organizations, customer-centric transformations and brand-building. Our work with clients is designed to increase the organization’s ability to drive the change process from within to raise the cultural alignment and in so doing to set standards of excellence that will ensure the company a leadership position in their industry.

Team Building

Credere’s team building offerings are designed to produce specific business results for our clients and to address the real problems teams face in the current business and economic environment. We offer custom designed team building programs of one to five days in length that can use either high adventure environments or the conference center setting. We can deliver needs assessment services and follow-up programming as needed.

Personal and Performance Coaching

Credere has worked with many clients to help them develop and realize their full potential, at work and in other areas of life. Through extensive experience of working with individuals we can help identify the often subtle difference which leads to excellent personal performance.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Overcome obstacles and barriers
  • Achieve outstanding results
  • Influence the performance of others
  • Develop strategic impacts across your life
  • Determine your career path
  • Establish a balance between work and life

Specialized Training

Employee Scuba Services
Scuba diving is one of many experiences travelers try for the first time when visiting exotic locations. Credere provides a unique scuba diving certification service that compliments an employee incentive program, and is a convenient way to learn Scuba Diving. This program eliminates the need to attend a school outside of work or spend days of a vacation or incentive trip learning at the resort. We have a number of packages to choose from based on a client’s needs. These packages range from:

  • Conducting classes at the client’s conference room and per-certifying employees at their corporate pool
  • Conducting all the classroom training prior to the incentive trip and traveling with the client to complete their training and certification at a time and schedule that is convenient for them

Incentive Programs and Site Inspections

More than ever, companies demand the highest level of commitment in accomplishing the growing challenges facing its professionals. As an added incentive to achieving and exceeding their goals, these companies desire to provide them a reward and a way to “get away from it all”, returning to work refreshed, and ready to face new challenges.

Searching for and choosing the right location is crucial to the success of any employee incentive program. This process can be very time consuming and expensive if after visiting the first site, you are not satisfied and need to travel to additional sites. Credere has done the legwork for you, providing thorough site inspection reports for a variety of locals, from exotic beach resorts to mountainous retreats.

What Makes Credere Different

To ensure we have a full experience of the location, we stay at a site for a minimum of seven days, gauging their quality and service, unique programs, and weekly events. Upon completion, we produce detailed site inspection reports, enabling your company’s Meeting and Incentive Planner to pick the ideal location. One that will meet the needs and desires of your employees, fit your budget, make the program a success and a trip they will remember.

We have many reports and locations to choose from, but if you already have a site in mind, Credere can provide you with a customized site inspection report for your chosen location. Part of this service includes obtaining specific information on your company’s predetermined needs, and ensure the site will support the goals and requirements of your unique incentive program.