There are a myriad of ways to define marketing in the corporate world. Some define it as supporting sales activities only, some define it as activities that will expand mind share, etc… There are indeed many ways to look at marketing. However, the underlying business driver for having a marketing department or marketing activities is to be able to reach out to your target audience to convey your desired message. Effective marketing as translated into a compelling message will ultimately result in improved sales and profit.

If a business is expanding or acquiring new companies, products or services, our network team of marketing professionals can help communicate their vision to investors, lenders, present and future customers. We can review and quantify the market by providing demographic and feasibility studies to determine the income potential and resources required to realistically penetrate their market at all stages of development. Credere’s services include:

  • Marketing strategy consulting includes vision and mission development
  • Market segmentation and targeting
  • Positioning is part of marketing strategy consulting
  • New product/service development
  • Marketing strategy consulting also includes advertising strategy and media optimization
  • Customer service strategy
  • Sales and channel strategy development is part of marketing strategy consulting


Many companies invest millions of dollars in information technology with no clear strategic direction. Our work with clients around the world has proven that the most successful information technology initiatives are those which fuse business strategy, technology strategy and operational needs. The following are some of the technology services:

  • Networking and telecommunication solutions for enterprises and communications service providers.
  • Technical architectures that support the enterprise and the migration to e-Business.
  • Tools, processes and security architectures to manage enterprise information technology environments.
  • Assessments and tools for developing and transforming the IT organization, including IT strategy, value analysis, organization design, delivery effectiveness, leadership, and performance measurement.
  • Data warehousing and data archiving strategies, as well as systems and techniques to capture and distribute information in an enterprise.
  • Systems and techniques to manage the diverse types of content in enterprises, including documents, print, audio / video, source code, web and all forms of intellectual property.


Within Finance services, we help organizations to measure and manage their business performance, optimise their cost base and transform their support services. We also provide financial expertise to IS and ERP systems implementation projects.

Our consultants work with finance leaders to ensure their function supports their organizational effectiveness. This includes transforming the financial functions to add value to the business, as well as making the transaction processing function more effective. We help businesses perform at their optimal position by looking at performance reporting, often using a balanced scorecard approach, strategic planning, strategic cost management, business modeling to identify any ‘pain points’ within operations, and overall risk management.

Business Development

Every company has to position itself in the market and differentiate itself from the competition by defining its offering and the value it will add for customers. Success requires a fluid approach and an organization that can anticipate and respond within limited windows of opportunity.

Credere’s consulting team will work with you to successfully optimize and execute your business development strategies. We define competitive strengths and threats, plus performance gaps and growth potential. Our team will develop execution plans that track directly with sales performance objectives to bridge the gap between strategy and sales results. Our sales management consulting team will assure that your objectives are translated into measurable performance improvement and bottom-line results.